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Fit for Academic SuccessFit for Academic Success

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The Fit for Academic Success module includes five interactive, multimedia lessons focused on the following topic areas: learning strategies and time management, academic writing, managing technology challenges, basic research concepts, and using library resources. Although originally developed for graduate students, the modules are well suited for students who have already received a Bachelor's degree and are returning to pursue their BSN.

The self-paced, online modules are available to you prior to beginning your course work and you can refer back to any of the modules at any time during your enrollment in the program. You will take a pre-test and post-test to assess your knowledge of each topic area. In addition, you have the opportunity to assess the learning strategies you normally employ, and learn other approaches to that may make you a more efficient and effective student. 

This program was originally developed for graduate students as part of a HRSA-funded research project under the direction of Dr. Christine Pintz. Click here to learn more about this study. 

The developers of this program would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions to the development of this program: Dr. Kimberly Acquaviva, Liliane Duncan, Dr. Pat Farmer, Laurie Lyons, Dr. Laurie Posey, Ricardo Sanchez, and Dr. Karen Whitt. 


  1. Warming Up
  2. Tech Savvy: Tools for the Trek
  3. Cycling for Sources & Success
  4. The Write Track
  5. Diving into Research


  1. Fit for Academic Success
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